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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two in morning and...

It's two in morning and I can't sleep.
Today we moved part of Hyzonia, essentially its Core and global services to a new server. Finally. It's a Windows 2008, and I quite surprised how smooth this transition was, so far.

I'm trying to stimulate! the moods in the company. I'm trying to be more passionate, talk and make people talk more. The goal is to make most of everybody's intelligence. Everyone should feel she has an effect on business decisions. I don't need man power, I need mind power. It requires quite a force to shake this high inertia, change opposing company. I'm relaxing many rules, and I'm handing over many decision making tasks to my team. We gotta be a team that play together with our minds not our muscles. I'm already seeing some results and I expect to observe a measurable improvement in a matter of few weeks. We are starting new exciting projects, some of them are just show-offs (read it releases) and some are absolutely new crazy wild ideas.

Sometime I feel I've lost much of my passions, but I'm trying hard to prove it's a wrong, evil feeling. Most of all Richard Dawkins is helping me to remember I supposed to be more a scientist than a boring business man.

My team is energized since we got somebody in NetAd to work with our game customization API. Back in two week ago I was arguing that the whole customization API was a waste of time, I was thinking nobody will use it and eventually it would be our job to customize the games. I'm happy (indeed) that I was wrong. And you know there's nothing more funnier, more relaxing than being happy because you were wrong.

Anyway, we launched HyzoGames that contains some samples of the customized games. We're trying to keep Hyzonia Twitter account active. So if you care, follow us there. :)

No, I can't take it anymore, 'night!

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