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Sunday, May 10, 2009

JQuery Wingooli Photo Gallery

I just want to introduce a JQuery photo gallery plugin I developed fro my profile. My main motivation for building this plugin was that I wanted it to be search engine friendly therefore I needed a clear separation between the photo gallery functionalists and the data describing the photos and the gallery. It is something that is easy to achieve using JQuery.

BTW these days I spend a part of my time discussing and teaching OOP JavaScript to our fellow programmers in RENA. It's interesting for me to discuss the somewhat weird features of JavaScript for these guys who are already well experiencedand talented .NET developers. I try my best to convince them JavaScript is so fun when you get used to it, so fun and so powerful that you end up you want to kiss all the ASP.NET AJAX and UI functionalists a goodbye and develop the effects yourself and see how much you can improve the performance and the branding of your application.

We in RENA are looking for a Web UI Developer to handle such those tasks, it came out to be a very hard job finding a person for this position, mainly because it requires you to be a JavaScript God! to pass the first step in the recruitment process. Drop us a message if you fit the position.

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