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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I think my friends have no doubt how I wanted to see Hillary Clinton as the president of the US. Anyway I'm happy to see her in this position, traveling round the world and spreading a better image of the US. I was supporting her because I thought she would be a better president in pursuing human rights and civil rights in comparison with Barack Obama. For nearly two decades people like me, have considered Clinton as a civil rights icon. By the way what she is doing in China, putting aside human right concerns in the sake of economic goals, will not change my view. It is just another indication of how deep this crisis is, that makes Clinton to retreat from the usual powerful position US diplomats take and even technically asks China not to withdraw its investments in US treasury.

I don't feel good about all these events, I used to and wish to see a strong United States that is a symbol of hope and dreams to all the world. On the other hand, to be optimistic (something that it seems Obama has been missed), it seems that this crisis has created some new opportunities for traditionally different west and east to cooperate on something, and I would call it a victory if the west emerge as the more powerful, more influential part. I will say that people in the more liberal west,x create and resolve their problems. Here is something to follow that confirms my statement that all the people of the US are taking part in recovering from the problem. Even if it seems they are not contributing or they are swimming in the wrong direction, but at least they have a chance to express and examine their ideas.

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