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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rainy Dubai

Dubai sunny skies is one of the reasons I like it.
But it is the third consecutive day that it is raining.


I took this picture behind the office window looking toward Sheikh Zayed Road. The streets are muddy, but now that I'm writing a glimpse of sunshine is shimmering the city. This is something that I enjoy watching.

Anyway, yesterday I read about MIX 09, 10K Coding Challenge, I generally like the idea as long as it does not make developers to start shortening variable and class member names and obscuring the self-descriptive nature of the code. You know I am a fan of long variable names and code files that look like a story book.

These days I have a boring job implementing services for Dig and Win. These services are meant to make the up-to-date data accessible to Islands and Global Services Host clients.

There's no doubt that I enjoy designing the services but after all time I spent on Dig and Win, it is a pain to look after all the detailed implementations. I die for somebody whom I could sit and talk with about the software philosophy of Dig and Win service oriented architecture.

Here Omid is working on some landforms, I like his works and I hope to put these new ones in an island as soon as this afternoon.


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